About us

We are Grant, Mirka, Dom & Maia half Kiwi-half Czech family, and lovers of travelling and good food. We fell in love with the salt when we were living in New Zealand and missed it too much after moving to Europe…so we decided we will bring it here for us and all the other European food lovers! We are very happy to be the only importers of this unique product to the continent and even happier to share it with you!

The original company was set up by a New Zealand chef with over 20 years experience on the international stage.

He created the finest smoked seasoning. Pure New Zealand solar sea salt is hand smoked over Manuka, then tumble-roasted with pure New Zealand garlic, shallots, coriander, mustard seed and the mighty chilli.

The result is outstanding - a seasoning with complexity and depth of flavour considered by chefs and culinarians the world over to be one of the finest seasonings ever produced. From seafood to red meats, BBQ to vegetarian, this all- purpose culinary seasoning has a unique plateau of flavours that compliment all savoury foods.

100% natural with no chemical preservatives added, just a pinch and your food will taste delicious.