What is so unique about your salt?

Our salt is only hand processed and therefore it keeps most of the minerals it gets from the ocean. Once it is sun dried, we process it using a unique recipe of hand smoking and tumble-roasting with herbs and spices. Thanks to this technique all the flavours infuse together and when you use it as cooking, it does not only salt your meal but also adds an awesome flavour to it!


Is it spicy?

We are offering you 2 different recipes. Lemon recipe is a very soft flavour, often popular with children. Traditional smoked recipe is stronger but not spicy. It does contain a hint of chilli but together with the other herbs and spices it gives a beautiful flavour to your meal, which is definitely not spicy.


Is the lemon recipe flavour smoked as well?

Yes, it is but for a shorter period of time.


What can I use it for?

Anything and everything. We do recommend in particular to use it for meats, fish, veggies, potatoes, barbeques, vegetarian recipes, salads etc. Many customers use it to flavour something that is already cooked, to add a final touch to their meals etc. You can try one of our recipes but generally speaking it is very easy to cook with our salt. Obviously, it can replace any other salt that you are using but also herbs and spices. You just sprinkle over your meal and good to go, you don´t need anything else.


!!! When you cook with our salt for the first time, we do recommend you to start with smaller quantity… it is really strong. You can always add more but it is rather hard to remove some ;)


Why is it smoked?

It gives the salt specific taste. After being smoked and tumble roasted together with herbs and spices, all the flavours mix nicely together and then develop over your meals. Salt is smoked over Manuka tree woods, Manuka being one of the traditional trees of New Zealand, with a whole range of usage, the wood having also antisceptic effects.

Is the salt industrially processed/refined?

No, it isn’t. It is not industrially processed and therefore it keeps about 91% of all the minerals that it gets from the ocean.


Is the salt iodized?

No, it isn’t, as it is not necessary. Because the salt is not industrially processed it doesn’t loose the iodine that it gets from the ocean and therefore it doesn’t have to be added artificially after.


What’s the quality of the salt used?

We are using salt of high quality. It does reflect the pure and clean ocean waters of New Zealand, where it dries naturally on the sun on the salt fields.


But salt is not healthy...

It depends on the salt you are using... Believe it or not, there are even salts that are beneficial for your health, it all depends on the quantity you use on daily basis. Unhealthy salts are mostly those that are industrially processed, which means they are refined, crushed, whitened and through all these processes these salts loose most of their minerals that are then added artificially. These salts then do accumulate in your body as it is more difficult for the body to process them. That is something that will not happen with our salt…


But smoking is unhealthy…

Smoking is unhealthy mostly when during the process there are fats being burnt, which means that carcinogenic substances are released. Our salt is smoked using the technique of cold smoke which is a very different process during which nothing like that happens.


Is your salt suitable for people on “raw” diet?

Yes, it is processed under temperature below 42°C.


How many minerals are there in your salt?

Approximately 12


And what about that soy sauce, there are no glutamates in there?

The soy sauce is added to the whole recipe only towards the end and in very limited quantity. It does not contain any glutamates. It is a high quality soy sauce originating from Japan, going through a process of natural fermentation as being made. We add it at the end of the process in order to keep the right level of moisture of the whole mixture (unprocessed salts are not chemically dried and their level of moisture is considerably higher).